Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review: Trader Joe's Soycutash

Harumph. I've stopped and started this post a hundred times, not because I couldn't decide on how I feel about Trader Joe's Soycutash (it's great!), but because I kept getting writer's block on how to describe frozen corn, edamame, and sweet red peppers. And I kept getting writer's block because I kept thinking how boring it is to review frozen veggies. But alas, alas, this is calling out to me to get out of the queue of posts, so here we go.

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This is actually a hearty frozen vegetable selection, and if you think I'm nuts, then you've clearly never eaten, say, frozen Brussel sprouts with the consistency of wet tissue paper, or frozen corn that's been reheated and magically turned into mush. Not so with the soycutash (which I kept reading as "succotash," so what do I know?)

The edamame - which must have a great publicist, as it's suddenly EVERYWHERE these days - gets a nice, nutty flavor to it when it's cooked, and the corn and red pepper stay fairly intact, even after a quick stop in the microwave. I think the corn tastes like it's straight from the cob (and I'm from Illinois, so I should know).

It also makes a nice addition to the table; the vegetables turn a vibrant color, which is so unlike the typical anemic-looking color you see in other bags of frozen produce. In other words, I like this. It also makes a great addition to soup - pour what you want, and you've got a nice combination of vegetables in a pinch. This mixture could have done with more sweet red peppers, however.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 4 Hawaiian-print shirts.

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  1. I like this mixed into their veg biriyani ... sort of makes a meal with the rice and more veg...