Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: Trader Joe's Irish Banger Sausages

It's that time of year again! Trader Joe's is selling its Irish Banger Sausages, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

The store actually used to sell them year-round until about two years ago. One of the long-time clerks at my regular store informed me that they just weren't popular at other times of the year, so Trader Joe's only sells it for a limited time in March. My source also said that this year's shipment is extremely limited, so stock up if you can.

 Trader Joe's Irish Banger Sausages plump up when cooked.

Bangers are integral parts of any traditional Irish (and English!) breakfast, and you will find them on the menu of just about every bed & breakfast in the Emerald Isle. Interestingly, bangers got there name during WWII, when rationing led to many sausages being filled with water. The sausages would explode easily once cooked!

As I'm of Irish descent, I'm excited to incorporate elements of traditional Irish meals into my cooking. Trader Joe's Irish banger sausages are hearty and filling, each one just a bit smaller than a traditional bratwurst. They cook quickly, and have hardly any seasoning. They also plump up when cooked, and do be careful when cutting - they can explode.

The sausages are made with pork, water, and breadcrumbs, as well as some spices. One sausage should be plenty for most people, especially if you're serving a full Irish breakfast. Check out my next post for more details.

Verdict: Four out of four Hawaiian-print shirts.

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