Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Trader Joe's Toothpaste

I've never felt more like one of those actresses in an infomercial than when I was trying out Trader Joe's peppermint toothpaste for this review.

"I'll try the tube's squeezability," I said, squeezing the tube and noting how it came out in a clump that, if you're not careful, will just end up falling in your sink.Squeezing toothpaste became on par with using a Snuggie - it was so difficult! How on earth will I ever get it just right?

(Luckily, I did, or this review would be even sadder.)

 Exhibit A in "Do you think I need a manicure?"

But let's talk toothpaste. Trader Joe's is kind of caulky, but has a nice, clean taste to it. Yes, you do need to be careful when dispensing it, as the paste is dry and fairly solid; if you're used to gel toothpastes, this will give you pause.

I've tried TJ's other flavor in the paste, but "fennel" is not really what I'm looking for in toothpaste. I think it's down to American conventions on what's considered hygienic; peppermint is considered a clean scent for toothpaste, but an ingredient you normally see in sausage is not. Just sayin'.

I like this toothpaste, but due to the clumps, it doesn't last as long as the more conventional toothpaste you can find elsewhere.

Verdict: Three out of four Hawaiian-print shirts.


  1. This toothpaste is great if you are prone to ulcers and other mouth sore issues. I get ulcers when I bite my gums, and this toothpaste definitely lessens the duration.

  2. I tried this toothpaste and I also found it hard to squeeze. I thought that maybe I had an old tube or something. I also think it clogs the drain. Not long after I started to use this my sink was having trouble draining. I stopped using it and my sink was fine. I never had that problem before (it is a relatively new sink) and I think this stuff kind of gunks up in the drain. I did not like it. I biy Toms of Main at TJs because they have a pretty good price.